Sheriff Jack Campbell

Sheriff Jack CampbellSheriff Jack Campbell is a third generation Sangamon County Deputy.  His father, Sgt. Jim Campbell and his great uncle, Sheriff Hugh Campbell served the people of Sangamon County before him.  He started as an Auxiliary Deputy in 1992.  He is a lifelong resident of Sangamon County and graduated from Illiopolis High School, Lincoln Land Community College and the University of Illinois at Springfield.  In addition, he is a graduate of the 229th Session of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA.  He and his wife Lori, married in 1985 and they have two daughters and three grandchildren.  He is the 51st Sheriff to serve Sangamon County.

The Sheriff is the Chief Public Safety Officer of the County and is considered the top law enforcement official. As the elected officeholder, the Sheriff is responsible for all activities of the Sheriff’s Office. In order to effectively protect our citizens and provide the services mandated by State Statute, it is imperative the Sheriff appoint capable, reliable staff to each division. Each of these staff members has been designated because they have proven they possess the moral, ethical, and work characteristics befitting the highest standards of law enforcement professionals which Sheriff Campbell demands.

Chief Deputy Anthony Mayfield

Chief Deputy Anthony MayfieldThe Chief Deputy has been designated by the Sheriff to act in his stead in his absence. The Chief Deputy is entrusted with the responsibilities as second in command of the entire Sheriff’s Office, and therefore in charge of the day to day operations of the Administration Division.

Chief Deputy represents the Sheriff in various ways on a daily basis:

  • Sangamon County Board meetings,

  • Sangamon County committee meetings, including but not limited to Jail Committee, Finance Committee, budget, and union negotiations,

  • Sangamon County Central Dispatch Board

  • Personnel, legal, and medical issues,

  • News media inquiries and interviews,

  • Public relations appearances.

The Division Captains, Jail Superintendent, Support Services Director, Comptroller, Fleet Manager, and Professional Standards, all report directly to the Chief Deputy.

Personnel - Receives and processes applications for employment, including the accounting of dates of interviews, testing, background checks, drug tests, and hiring status. When a candidate is selected for hire, this section is responsible for their orientation, including an explanation of all benefits available through Sangamon County. This section is also responsible for Worker’s Compensation, time records, payroll, auxiliary information, and employee verification.

Fiscal Management - Beginning in the summer of each year this section is responsible for preparing the annual budget for the following year. Numerous meetings are held between department heads, Sangamon County Finance Committee and Sangamon County Board Office in the preparation process. Once approved by the Sangamon County Board, it is this section’s responsibility to maintain a balanced and accurate budget throughout the year. All bills are audited and prepared for Jail and Finance Committee approval at least twice monthly. The Fiscal Management section also maintains accurate accounting of monies received by the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office and ensures deposits into the appropriate account. It is responsible for maintenance and/or balancing of various bank accounts.