Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I report a crime?

If it is an emergency of any nature call 911 and you will get help right away. If it is not an emergency, call (217) 753-6666 and advise the dispatcher that you need to report a crime. The dispatcher will dispatch either a deputy or an officer from the proper jurisdiction to meet with you.

How do I report a traffic problem?

If the traffic problem you are calling to report is an emergency, call 911. If it is not an emergency, call (217) 753-6666 and a dispatcher will assist you.

How do I file a complaint on a Sheriff’s Office employee?

Initial complaints may be reported to any on-duty Sheriff’s Office supervisor at (217) 753-6666. If you feel the supervisor was not able to assist you properly you may contact the Division of Professional Standards directly for Corrections complaints (217) 753-6657 and for Deputies and Civilians (217) 753-6890. Complaints may be initially received verbally or in writing and in person, by telephone, by mail or by electronic means. The Professional Standards office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am until 4:30 pm. 

How do I get on the Sheriff’s Tow List?

We currently have no openings on the Sheriff’s Tow List. If your company wants to be considered for the future, please go to the Forms tab to download the Tow List application.  After completion, please email (sheriff@co.sangamon.il.us) or mail (#1 Sheriff's Plaza Springfield, IL 62701) the application to the Captain of Operations.  

How do I report a barking dog?

Call (217) 753-6666 and give as accurate a location of the barking dog as you can. The dispatcher will send the proper officer out to check on the dog.

How can I commend a Sheriff’s Office employee for outstanding service?

If you received extraordinary service from a Sheriff’s Office employee or witnessed something that deserves special recognition, we encourage you to tell us so we may share your thoughts with the employee(s) and with other Sheriff’s Office employees. Your appreciation and encouragement are important to us.  Please email (sheriff@co.sangamon.il.us) or call (217) 753-6855 us.

If I need to contact any offices in the County building, other than the Sheriff's Office or Jail, what number do I call?

Most requested telephone numbers that the Sheriff's Office receives are:

Sangamon County Circuit Clerks Office (217) 753-6674

Sangamon County States Attorney Office (217) 753-6690

County Building Operator (217) 753-6600

Can I bring personal property to an inmate?

NO-Inmates can order personal items on commissary.

Funds can be added to an inmate's account to purchase personal items via one of the following methods:

  • Cash through the kiosk available in the Jail Lobby- 24 hours a day
  • Debit/Credit Card by calling Access Corrections- 1-866-345-1884
  • Debit/Credit Card online through Access Corrections website: www.accesscorrections.com/#/

Can I bring prescription medication with me to turn myself in?

No outside prescription medications will be accepted without prior authorization.

Will the Jail staff release a Link card?

NO-Link cards are not released.

Can I pick up my property an inmate had on them at the time of their arrest?

Inmate Property is only released upon release from custody.

Will Jail staff pass a message to an inmate?

NO-If there is a family emergency please ask to speak to a shift supervisor.

Can an inmate make phone calls?

All inmates are allowed one free, initial phone call. Upon enrollment in the Access Corrections phone system inmates can make collect calls or use money on their account. 

Funds can be added to an inmate's account for phone calls via one of the following methods:

  • Cash through the kiosk available in the Jail lobby 24 hours a day.
  • Debit/Credit Card by calling Access Corrections @ 1-866-345-1884
  • Debit/Credit Card Online through Access Corrections website: www.accesscorrections.com/#/

Can I post bond for an inmate at any time?

YES-Bonds are taken 24 hours a day 7 days a week, in the form of CASH (exact amount is needed), Credit Card (For Sangamon County charges ONLY), or Cashier’s Checks. For every bond processed there is a non-refundable $30.00 Bonding Fee. Cashier’s Checks MUST be validated before they are accepted. Any Cashier’s Check from a bank that will not validate will not be accepted for bond.

If I posted a bond and my charges were dropped how do I get my bond money back?

You will need to contact the Circuit Clerk’s Office in the county which issued the warrant and the monies were sent. The Sangamon County Circuit Clerk's phone number is:  (217)753-6674.

Can you tell me how much money an inmate has on their account?

NO-We do not give out this information.

Can an inmate release money to a family member?

With the approval of Jail Administration on a one (1) time basis, at the inmate's request.

What do I need when I come to visit an inmate?

Photo identification containing your date of birth is required to schedule a visits.   Visits can be scheduled through the kiosk system located in the jail lobby or online to get more information on how to register and schedule video visit go to www.icsolutions.com.      

How many people are allowed to visit per visitation day?

No more than three (3) people at anytime (IE. 2 adults and 1 child, 1 adult 2 children) persons under the age of 18 can not visit without an adult.

I have lost my I.D. Can I still come to visit an inmate?

NOT without photo identification with date of birth, NO VISIT, NO EXCEPTIONS.

What can I bring with me to a visit?

NO cell phones, coats, purses/bags are allowed in the visitation area.

Can inmates correspond with other individuals that are incarcerated?

NO- Inmates will not be allowed to correspond with another individual who is incarcerated in this or any other corrections facility or detention center without obtaining approval in writing from the Jail Administration.

If I am mailing a letter to an inmate what do I need to put on it?

Your name and return address. Address to the inmate as follows: Inmate Name, Sheriff ID#, Sangamon County Jail, P. O. Box 247, Phoenix, MD 21131

What's the phone number of the Circuit Clerk's office?

(217)-753-6674- main phone